FUEL’s Meredith Kinsey to serve as Secretary for Cancer Survivors Park Alliance Board

(February 19, 2018) This February, Meredith Kinsey was elected Secretary of the Board for the Cancer Survivors Park Alliance (CSPA)—an organization she believes in strongly and has worked with for some time. The CSPA’s signature project is the Cancer Survivors Park, a 6.8-acre site alongside the Swamp Rabbit Trail in downtown Greenville, SC.

“It’s honor to serve on this board, with this team, for such an important cause,” says Kinsey. “Like most people, I have had family and close friends fight cancer. Involvement in the park has been a meaningful way to get involved and help bring to life a place where people can find healing, peace, and, believe it or not, joy in the midst of their fight.”

The purpose of the Cancer Survivors Park is to provide a space for celebration, learning, healing, and hope. As an executive council and board member since 2016, Kinsey has served as assistant secretary, as well as co-chair of the organization’s signature fundraiser, CHOP! Cancer, for the past three years. She has also been active on the planning and development committee.

“The effects of CSPA are far reaching,” Kinsey says. “Survivors are not only those who have fought cancer and come out on the other side but also those loved ones and caregivers who have stood beside someone as they have tackled the fight of their lives. This park embodies beauty and serenity and will serve a special role to all who in some way encounter this deadly disease. I’m proud to be a very small part of a very large gift to our community.”

To learn more about the Cancer Survivors Park Alliance, or to find out ways in which you can contribute, please visit http://www.cancersurvivorspark.org/


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