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(February 6, 2018) Zach Chastain.  Georgia Skerman.  Kathryn Mudge.  Taylor Perry.  Christina Strayer. What do these five people all have in common? They have all been voted FUEL’s Employee of the Month (EOM). Emphasis on voted. Each of these extremely valuable and dedicated individuals was elected by their very own peers as the EOM—singled out for their passion, commitment, skill, competency, attitude, and general swagginess.

Employee of the Month Award Winners

October 2017 – Zach Chastain, Digital Strategist
As one of our Digital Strategists, Zach works with our clients to help develop and execute digital strategies to drive leads that convert to new sales and overall growth.

November 2017 – Georgia Skerman, Account Coordinator
Georgia supports the Account Service Team by working directly with clients, assisting with budgets, and helping keep projects on schedule.

December 2017 – Kathryn Mudge, Senior Account Manager
Known for her attention to detail, Kathryn spearheads a number of our key accounts, working directly with clients, as well as FUEL’s strategic and creative teams.

January 2018 – Taylor Perry, Front-End Developer
Taylor embodies focus, consistency, and excellence. As a front-end developer, she is responsible for programming the user-friendly digital solutions that help our clients succeed.

February 2018 – Christina Strayer, Production Manager
As Production Manager, Christina is essentially the lynchpin to everything the FUEL team does. She manages the flow of traffic and keeps all projects on task and on budget.

“We have a lot of extremely talented, senior-level people at FUEL. What sets us apart is that each individual here is committed to the team and the spirit of collaboration. With so many areas of specialization in marketing today, it takes a team working together to bring about real-world business solutions and get positive results for our clients. Each of the individuals who has won the Employee of the Month Award exemplifies not only excellence and expertise, but also the ability to collaborate and work well with the FUEL team as a whole. We are lucky to have such a talented group here.”

— Warren Griffith, FUEL President & CEO


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Located in Greenville, South Carolina’s historic downtown district, FUEL is an integrated digital and traditional marketing firm that consists of industry-leading experts in branding, sales strategy, lead generation, web development, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, and more—all under one roof. They have extensive B2B and B2C experience that spans a wide cross-section of industries, including: advanced manufacturing, real estate, technology, healthcare, retail, and more.

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