By Charles Richardson

Your Brand Doesn’t Deserve Bad Photography

A company’s brand image is critical to business success. If your company offers the best products or widgets or services, it is of no account if the visuals of your overall brand are poor or compromised. People will disconnect and lose trust. After all, your brand experience isn’t an extension of your business-it IS your business. It is what people perceive as real or true, and in the end, that means everything.

Put your best face forward

First impressions are very powerful. So whether it is a website or a brochure or an email, the image you project serves either as a springboard for new business, or a jumping off point for unimpressed prospects. One of the keys, of course, to promoting your brand optimally is good photography. Professional photography will draw customers to you, projecting the best side of your company, inviting prospects to learn more. On the other hand, bad photography will send them packing. Many companies try to save money by scrimping on the photography budget. They will either use stock photography, which is inauthentic and easily recognizable as “fake”-or they will use bad photography, which is even worse. Either can cause a potential customer to dismiss your brand from the get-go.

Four Things Photography Will Do For Your Brand

Good photography engages new customers
Like a pretty face or a nice smile, good photography draws people to you. It not only grabs their attention, but it also makes your brand inviting. And since the key to effective marketing in the digital era is to engage customers, this cannot be overstated. Professional photography on your website, or on any key communication piece, is absolutely essential to attracting new customers.

Good photography establishes a strong brand presence
A strong brand presence goes a long way toward establishing brand loyalty. It’s not just about what you sell or what solutions you offer; it’s about what you stand for and the experience you offer. People today want to connect at an emotional level before making a purchase or enlisting your services. Your photography is the first step in creating a strong brand presence.

Good photography is functional
Businesses are often leery of paying for a photo shoot. In an effort to save money, some businesses will disregard the importance of it. Big mistake. Without good photography, a new website will fall flat. A new brochure will appear blasé. Your latest email will fail to impress. On the contrary, a well-conceived photo shoot can supply you with powerful, inviting photography that can be used across the board for a variety of marketing tactics, both traditional and digital.

Good photography reflects your professionalism (or lack thereof)
No matter how superior your products and services may be, bad or outdated photos can make you appear unprofessional or sub-par. Photography is critical to making your brand image align with your brand experience. And if the photography is poor, it will seriously compromise the overall image of your business. And once that first impression is made-good or bad-it generally sticks. As the saying goes: “you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression.”

Learn more about the benefits of good photography

FUEL employs highly skilled photographers who work in concert with our senior art directors to ensure that our clients are visually well-represented at every touch point. If you have concerns about your photography or brand image, we can help. Contact Annalynn Barnett at or call 864-627-1676.