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A School System's Window Into the Classroom

Charleston County School District

Delivering on South Carolina's promise to build a better education system

In 2015, the City of Charleston (S.C.) received a Federal grant from the U.S. Government to develop a dynamic system for tracking and evaluating education in the classroom across all of its school districts (totaling over 7,000 teachers and faculty). The overarching goal was to grow and influence teacher effectiveness in the classroom to ultimately benefit the students and raise the bar for education nationwide. The new system would need to analyze, grade, catalogue, and report on those evaluations to the Charleston County School District (CCSD) governing board in real-time, throughout the tenure of each individual educator. Such a system would provide a coherent way to gather feedback quickly for educators, thus connecting evaluation and student achievement with professional learning.

The challenge: No such system had ever been created.

The FUEL Initiative

After an intensive RFP process, the CCSD Board selected FUEL because we are an enterprise-level technology partner with full in-house capabilities. We began creating the new system in early 2015, working with educators, administrators, school employees, board members, and IT directors. In less than one year, we developed the proprietary HarborK12 system, which represented the first, commercially viable educator evaluation platform in the country. Essentially, it was a complete professional learning management system that could be used for any school district nationwide. As Anita Huggins, CCSD’s Executive Director of Teacher Effectiveness, says: “The HarborK12 platform is sleek and intuitive and the reporting capabilities are impressive. The speed with which FUEL works is amazing! The technical support FUEL provides is second to none. We have never experienced the quick and personal responses and solutions from a vendor that FUEL offers to district and school-based staff.”

Harbor K12 was born and is currently in use throughout all of Charleston County.

Project Date: 2015-current


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