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Natural Retreats

Revitalizing A lost cause led to big changes and even bigger success

Natural Retreats is a family-owned business based out of Manchester England that has a strong reputation for going into distressed British Isles properties (farms, resorts, real estate projects, etc.) and identifying a strategic tourism and hospitality solution to generate cash flow that will financially bolster and revitalize the property (or properties) in distress. After a number of successes overseas, the Natural Retreats team wanted to break into the US market to help similar properties in need. They had heard about FUEL through a mutual friend and asked that we help deliver an integrated marketing plan to help drive sales at two properties: Hot Springs Virginia and South Fork Lodge (Idaho).

The FUEL Initiative

When they engaged FUEL, both properties were going under fast. We were tasked with coming up with a strategic lead-generation marketing plan that would encourage tourism to both distressed properties and generate needed revenue for the homeowners and the respective towns. Essentially, a successful marketing solution by FUEL would help revitalize both properties and make them once again self-sustaining. Over the course of 18 months, FUEL did just that, developing an effective integrated campaign to help build awareness and drive tourism to both properties. The end result was a resounding success in both cases as the two properties—Hot Springs Virginia and South Fork Lodge—are once again financially stable and thriving.

Project Date: 2012-2014


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