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French Broad Crossing (FBC) is a high-end, amenity-rich, second-home and retirement community in Western North Carolina (WNC) that is designed for affluent homeowners who enjoy the mountain elevation, sweeping views, and access to a wealth of outdoor activities. The developer came to FUEL for one simple reason: they weren’t getting enough leads. As a result, tours on the property were way down. Our goal: to drive more highly targeted leads (from various target segments) that would convert to tours.



FUEL focused on two specific audiences: 1. younger families (30s-40s with small kids) who lived within a 2- to 3-hour drive time and were looking for a vacation home; and 2. older couples (empty nesters, age 55 plus) who were looking for a retirement dream home. To reach these folks we employed strategically focused digital campaign that consisted of AdWords, sponsored ads/stories, and remarketing, as well as a traditional print campaign that featured full-page ads and a custom Direct Mail piece. We also replaced their existing website with a much more user-friendly, responsive site that was optimized for mobile search.



In the course of the past year, FUEL has been able to dramatically increase the number of quality leads and tours they have received through our specific initiatives. We have also helped generate consistent home and/or home site sales month over month.



Since implementing a digital and traditional marketing plan in 2015:


Leads have increased 275% year over year.


15% of web leads book tours directly through custom landing pages, without speaking to a sales associate beforehand.


The cost per lead decreased by 85%.


Traffic to the site has increased 700%.

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