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Brad Maloney, President of HelmetComp, had a dilemma: he developed a great product, but had no practical way to take it to market. The product is indeed revolutionary to the helmet industry: a custom-fit liner system that perfectly conforms to the shape of one's head for a more optimal and comfortable fit. Traditional helmets with liners are generically conceived and tend to "wear unevenly." They are unstable and uncomfortable. So Brad's new product, the IsoFit liner system, effectively corrects those issues. The problem was: nobody knew about it. FUEL's task? To help take the product to market—to spread the word and get the IsoFit system known—both with manufacturers and customers.



FUEL recognized that the best way to understand the revolutionary benefits of the product was to try the helmet on and experience the custom fit. However, in lieu of that, how could we simulate that "perfect fit" in an animated video so people can see clearly how the system works and why it fits more securely and comfortably? The FUEL team decided that a short, well-executed animation that demonstrated the mechanics and inner workings of the IsoFit system would be most effective. It would give viewers a close approximation of how uniform and optimal the fit was, regardless of the size or shape of each individual head.



The FUEL team wrote the script, art-directed the graphics and visuals, and managed the animation team to create a step-by-step video of the IsoFit system that simulated precisely how the product fit so snugly and uniformly. Was it a success? Here's what the client said:

I am so impressed with the FUEL team. The animation, landing page, and story they put together really nailed the benefits of the IsoFit liner system. I knew we had a great product, very revolutionary in the industry, and now I finally have the tools and resources to bring it to market. They exceeded my expectations.

— Brad Maloney, President

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