Roxy Bartz

Graphic Designer

The first thing you notice about Roxy is that she serves up impactful design: game, set, match. A lifelong tennis player from small-town Georgia, short-time Tennis Pro at Sea Island, and now Graphic Designer for FUEL, Roxy approaches each project with that same nimbleness that kept her on the court for her Mercer University Bears all four years. Her competitive drive to win brings value to client campaigns because she not only wants to get it right, she wants to do it with style and grace. Behind her strong digital design skills, she has a natural eye for photography, a penchant for drawing, and pretty good taste in music. Outside of work, Roxy describes herself as “constantly busy,” unable to say NO to the area’s countless temptations offered by the Blue Ridge Mountains, award-winning culture enticements, and endless dining and entertainment options.

Fun Facts

Sweet or salty: Sweet! But if it's sour, I am all about it
Favorite/least favorite foods:
Favorite: Sushi (I could eat it for days) Least: Onions
Favorite holiday: Christmas, but I value the 4th of July a lot, too
Pet peeve: Waiting on people when they're late
Super power you wish you had: Teleportation